Logistics is one of the largest and most profitable markets in the US. Today, on average, this market occupies almost 8.5% of GDP in America. This is not only imports, which amount to 2 trillion dollars, but also exports – about 1.4 trillion, as well as the domestic freight market – 10 billion tons of cargo annually. The figures are taken from here: https://freight-broker-training.us/.

Most, or rather 80 percent of the total volume of cargo transportation, is carried out by private transport companies with a cargo fleet of up to 5 vehicles. Of these, 70 percent are carried by drivers with the help of dispatchers, brokers and forwarding companies, which in fact work for a commission from the total cost of the load.

By the way, very often brokers and dispatchers may not be located in the USA, but keep in touch and work through the so-called truckstops.

That is why most customers in the US who need to transport cargo from point A to point B resort to the services of trucking companies.

Selection criteria

Of course, it is very important to know and put into practice the main criteria for selecting such companies in order to orient yourself in time and find a carrier who will deliver your goods on time and without unnecessary worries.

It is necessary to know them not only because it will save you time and nerves, but also because the risks of choosing an unscrupulous logistician can lead to rather sad consequences.

How to choose a good company – a cargo carrier in the USA and not make a mistake? In this publication, we will offer you some practical advice.

Tip 1 Legalization of the agreement.

The carrier’s agreement with the client must be formally and legally formalized. As a rule, the document reflects the main guarantees, payment, as well as compensation for losses incurred in case of force majeure. This item is mandatory and will help you avoid many problems.

Tip 2 Logistics license.

A license to carry out logistics work is something that any logistics company that is seriously engaged in this type of business must have. You can also ask the carrier if he mentions the points about the insurance of the goods, because there are always risks of damage to the goods. In addition, for the customer, this is a great way to protect yourself from losses.

Who is the performer?

Tip 3 Organizational issues.

A conscientious cargo carrier is obliged to track and resolve all organizational issues along the way. In particular, we are talking about tracking the load, correcting the logistics system, promptly solving various non-standard tasks on the way, and so on.

Tip 4 The logistician is your executor.

When choosing a company, it is also recommended to clarify whether they are logisticians or freight forwarders. Why is it important that the company itself provides logistics services? Because many resort to the services of contractors, having only negotiated with the client. If you turn to someone who takes responsibility himself, this gives more guarantees that the goods will be delivered on time, without incident.

Tip 5 The best route.

A very important indicator of the company’s professionalism is that the company selects the most optimal route for its client. This can be done through special logistics sites. Platforms for calculating the route of a trucker. The client studies the full list of services and understands what he pays money for. In addition, it may not be profitable for you to deliver the goods only through a truck driver. There are cargoes that can be combined with the railway or sent by sea. This, again, saves the client’s costs.

Additional options

Tip 6 Options from the company.

Many serious firms offer services that save the customer’s budget. In particular, we are talking about additional options, such as packaging, labeling of goods, customs clearance, distribution of cargo in order to export it abroad, and so on.

Many even offer their assistance in maintaining accounting records, which also significantly reduces the burden on the client’s financial account.

Tip 7 Optimal prices.

Compare offers from different carriers, after specifying what they add up to the total cost of all services. The price of a carrier’s services should not be too low, but it should not be too high either.

Tip 8 More options.

Additional details: reviews about the company you intend to contact, professionalism of managers who negotiate with you as a client, promotions and bonuses for regular customers, geography of transportation (the more experienced the logistician, the greater the geography for transportation he offers), service safe storage and the availability of personal warehouses from the company, as well as many other additional details, can also play a role. If they are available, this indicates that the organization has been working on the market for a long time, is interested in new customers and attracts only professionals to work.