Every day, every minute, at different altitudes, the airspace of the world is conquered by many vessels of different purposes and classes. One such type of civil aviation, such as commercial cargo transportation, is no less important than state and experimental aviation. Each of these areas fulfills its own important role in the functioning of the state. The more developed the transport sector is, the more trade and economic relations develop.

After all, the economic component of each state is very dependent on trade turnover in all areas of activity. 

Freight internationally is the main engine of the economy. Their implementation is possible in different ways:




by rail.

What is the fastest way to transport goods over long distances? 

For this purpose air transportations are ideal. The advantage of them is undeniable. Although there are a few peculiarities:

the high cost of such transportation,

It is appropriate for transportation of small lots of goods, 

dependence on the location of airports,

the need for additional cargo transportation by road and/or rail.

Along with these nuances, there are notable pluses:

fast delivery process,

low cost of insurance,

Preservation of perishable goods.

As a rule, airline companies, which are engaged in cargo transportation, can offer a whole range of services – from different types of air transportation, cargo registration procedure, warehouse logistics to insurance and cargo security. 

Air carriage involves a mandatory process of a certain type of documents:



Packing List.

Any, even minor mistakes, inaccuracies in the process of filling out documents for cargo can have serious consequences. They, in turn, entail legal liability. Also, you will not be able to defend your rights, if there are any losses that are associated with the transportation of goods. 

Each of us, in the desire to carry out the plan, sooner or later faces a choice. When the question is about the business of trucking, then you can really get confused. The competition in this area is very high, and the range of services is very wide. 

Air Freight Services can withstand any competition. Because care for each client, respect, decency, high level of service, very reasonable and affordable prices for a huge list of services are the foundation of our company.

Don’t be afraid to choose even the difficult path – you won’t meet any competitors there.