The Federation of Transport Workers and freight brokerage school in Europe has published a report that clearly describes the serious violations that are present in relation to personnel and safety.

The Federation of Transport Workers in Europe presented a report containing information on the personnel management policy in the transport company XPO Logistics. According to the federation, the company has an unsafe working environment, the absence of quarantine measures introduced, delays in paying salaries to staff.

XPO Logistics provides logistics and transportation services in 30 countries and is a leader in the service market. The company’s clients include large corporations, including Amazon, ASOS, IKEA and Nestle. The company employs about 100 thousand employees. The management company is located in America. The company’s revenue for 2019 exceeded $16 billion.

With all the success in the service market, the company does not pay due attention to the staff and does not provide decent working conditions. Trade union organizations are inclined to believe that the company has chosen the vector of exploitation of its employees.

The Transport Workers’ Federation released a report in early October exposing the company for its illegal activities, negligence and safety violations, which led, among other things, to tragic situations.

According to a report by the XPO Global Union Family coalition, the company has fatal violations, sexual harassment, underpayment of wages, discrimination against pregnant women, neglect of quarantine measures, anti-union policies, etc.

The administration of the company does not comment on this report.